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Barry Levinson Sounds Off in the Huffington Post

As anyone who attended our screening of Barry Levinson’s film essay POLIWOOD, (with a panel consisting of Levinson, WYPR’s Dan Rodricks, Media Matters’ David Brock, and Matthew Modine) on celebs/media/politics could tell you, this is a subject that has fascinated the Academy Award winning writer/director for years. Not only does he make films about media and politics (like the uncannily prescient WAG THE DOG), but he occasionally shows up on political talk shows like Morning Joe. Unlike the fast-talking, win-points-anyway-you-can types, Barry is always trying to actually help the viewer UNDERSTAND how he sees things from his perch inside the entertainment world. Here’s his latest essay in the Huffington Post, an observation about Reality TV and its weird impact on the way we view political leaders.

~Jed Dietz, MFF Director

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