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Sundance Update: Baltimore Boasts Vibrant Film Education Scene

Tuesday evening I met with about a dozen John Hopkins University film students, here in Park City, UT with teachers Linda deLibero and Meredith Ward. They got some tickets that were arranged by one of the parents, who is the CEO of Sundance Theaters, and are finding other things on their own.

The JHU students were jazzed about everything Sundance, and were dazzled by the scale of the entire Sundance operation: 1,850 volunteers, a whole bus system created on top of park city’s already good system, Main Street buildings transformed in to corporate lounges, etc.

They were focused on the movies and had seen and pursued interesting selections (though none of them were alive during the events in Rory Kennedy’s ETHEL, they were just as interested as I was ). They wanted to know a lot about MFF and some were specifically interested in film programming.

It was a nice Sundance interlude for me and reminded me how vibrant our film education scene is- including MICA, UMBC, Towson, Stevenson.  Already strong, it could become nationally important with a very little push.

–Jed Dietz, Thursday, 1/26