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One of the most talked about docs is CATFISH

CATFISH explores Facebook relationships in the most fantastic way. It’s so full of surprises I don’t want to say anything more.  -Jed

Producer/co director Ariel Schulman and prod/editor Zac Stuart-Pontier in the dark just before Q&A

Graffiti from the mysterious Banksy on a wall at Java Cow.

. . . We think. Several works appeared around town last week; this is the only one that survives.

International Filmmakers with links to Baltimore!

Outside the Holiday village theaters I met up with some filmmakers from across the globe. From left to right, they are from Oman, Kenya, Tibet, Kosovo, and Palestine. The Kenyan woman holding her coat lived in Baltimore briefly and was an extra on THE WIRE! She wanted to be sure I sent greetings to Pat Moran!! – Jed

New Distribution

By the time I saw BASS ACKWARDS here today it was already available on iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, etc.  It’s a tiny movie with a strong indie support crew and they are planning to do other festivals, but will probably have no theatrical release.  It’s one of the ongoing attempts by small films to work around sizable distribution obstacles.  We’ll see.   -Jed

Linas Phillips, writer/director/star is answering questions and pitching dvds of his first movie, the terrific WALKING TO WERNER. Writer/actor Davie Blue is with him.

Light at the end of the tunnel . . .

The second part of Sundance used to be crazy, now its the relaxed part: filmmakers detach from nonstop press and start to go to each other’s movies.  I ran in to Entourage’s Adrian Grenier, who has a film here called TEENAGE PAPARAZZO, coming out of FAMILY AFFAIR, an amazing doc about family abuse.

MFF alum Liz Garbus, and producer of FAMILY AFFAIR with director Chico Colvard.


Is there a more polarizing issue in America? OK, guns are second. Nothing else is close.  12TH & DELAWARE, Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing’s (BOYS OF BARAKA, JESUS CAMP) new film is a revelation: this is an issue that has changed the way Americans deal with each other. Our quadriplegic media has bailed. But thankfully Rachel and Heidi have found a way to let people breathe. Let women speak. The women in this film, Candace (pro-choice), Ann (pro-life), and a number of potential mothers don’t just speak, they shout: STAND BACK. Be grateful for filmmakers of this skill.  -Jed

Director Heidi Ewing talks to an emotional audience member after 12th& DELAWARE

Director Rachel Grady talks with an audience member after the screening.

MFF Director, Jed Dietz, will be at the Sundance Film Festival from January 23-30.  Keep checking back for Jed’s daily updates and reports straight from Park City, Utah!

Alex Gibney’s CASINO JACK and the United States of Money

Academy-Award winning director, Alex Gibney (TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE), has been working for years on a doc about uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the impact of  $$$$ on our (political) life. CASINO JACK AND THE UNITED STATES OF MONEY is like Alex’s amazing film about Enron; terrifically entertaining and insightful.  Scary but insightful. He has no peer in making “mush” clear. In this photo Gibney is wearing a Rehoboth lifeguard t-shirt  because Mike Scanlon, a former Tom DeLay staffer who became one of Abramoffs acolytes, was a Rehoboth lifeguard,  and is still not in jail.  -Jed

Jeffrey Blitz’s new documentary, LUCKY

Jeffrey Blitz, a Hopkins grad, started his career with the great SPELLBOUND and followed with a feature he shot in Baltimore called ROCKET SCIENCE. Many of you saw it as the Closing Night film a couple of years ago with Governor  O’Malley and Blitz hosting. (The Governor stayed and hung with Blitz during the screening and urged him to come back with another film.)  The young actress Anna Kendrick, now celebrated alongside George Clooney in UP IN THE AIR, was the lead in ROCKET SCIENCE. His new doc, LUCKY, explores the world of lottery winners.   -Jed

Director Jeffrey Blitz with producer Sean Welch at the Q&A for LUCKY.

JOAN RIVERS – A PIECE OF WORK, is an amazing doc by award-winning directors Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg. She’s smart and tough. In the photo, I’m the old one.   -Jed

ODDSAC – Animal Collective

Last night (Tuesday), I saw an amazing 54 minute horror music video, ODDSAC, the product of a three year collaboration between the band Animal Collective and director, Danny Perez.  For those unfamiliar with the band, they are originally from the Baltimore area.  I chatted with Josh Dibb’s mother, who still lives in Owings Mills.   -Jed

Deacon (Josh Dibb) of Animal Collective (with mic), with director Danny Perez and other members of Animal Collective.