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HAMILTON and PUTTY HILL Get Distribution!

MFF 2010 (and Baltimore’s) PUTTY HILL bought for US theatrical distribution by the prestigious Cinema Guilld — and MFF 2006’s HAMILTON to finally see a DVD release!


It was fun doing the WJZ interviews with Matt Porterfield this morning- WJZ’s Ron Matz is so good at this, and it gave me and Matt a chance to catch up- Matt’s been travelling nonstop as an invited guest at festivals in places like Copenhagen and Buenos Aires since the premier of PUTTY HILL at the great Berlin Film Festival in February. I can’t wait for the screenings here. As Matt takes his place alongside Baltimore’s other great film artists- Levinson, Waters, Simon, all very different but deeply fascinated by specific parts of Baltimore- it’s worth asking: what is it about this city that continues to lure filmmakers to its neighborhoods?  If you go to the WJZ website, click on Morning Edition at the bottom, you can see the interview, or just click on the link:

–Jed Dietz, MFF Director

Matt Porterfield on Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast

Click here to listen to Matt Porterfield, Baltimore director of MFF 2010 selection PUTTY HILL interviewed on Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast on WYPR!


One of two film festivals in Austin, South by Southwest started as a music festival and now has a very good film festival attached.  Our Director of Programming, Eric Hatch, is there and Matt Porterfield’s PUTTY HILL makes its second stop on the film festival circuit, after Berlin. It’ll be part of MFF 2010. Richard Brody, a big advocate for for Matt’s first feature, HAMILTON (MFF 2006),  called his second feature “extraordinary” in The New Yorker online, and compared the cinematography to 60s Godard.

–Jed Dietz

Matt Porterfield sums up his first Berlinale

Check out this piece from Matt Porterfield on the Independent Filmmaker Project blog about his first experience at Berlinale, screening his latest film, Putty Hill

More Berlinale Updates

In today’s NY Times, Dennis Lim surveys the Berlinale, know as the granddaddy of all film festivals. Along with comments about the well known figures like Scorsese, Polanski, Von Trier, and unique events like a screening of the magical new cut of METROPOLIS,  is this comment:

“Among the more adventurous films in the Forum section Yang Rui’s “Crossing the Mountain,” a portrait of a southwestern Chinese village, splits the difference between ethnography and avant-garde fiction. And Matt Porterfield’s “Putty Hill,” set among alienated kids in suburban Baltimore, also subverts its realist aesthetic with formal trickery, encouraging its actors to break the fourth wall. “

For the full article, click here. (All by itself, the picture of METROPOLIS projected outdoors is worth clicking through.)

~Jed Dietz, MFF Director

Berlin Reports Coming In!

  • Noah Baumbach’s new film GREENBERG, starring Ben Stiller and MFF alum Greta Gerwig, is getting great reviews!
  • Also, here’s a quote from Berlin about Matt Porterfield’s PUTTY HILL , from Shane Danielson for IndieWire:

“But there are moments here of startling compositional grace, flashes of awkward honesty and discomfiting intimacy—and one killer sequence, at a memorial service for a recently deceased youth, which quickly turns into an extended karaoke session, courtesy of Bob’s “Rebel Rouser’s DJ Hire”. Keep them in mind for your next wedding, bar mitzvah or white-trash funeral.”

~Jed Dietz, MFF Director

News from Berlin

Word’s coming back from PUTTY HILL producer Steve Holmgren that the first Berlin screenings went perfectly- they’ve already got a lot of interest from film festivals around the world. Next stop for PUTTY HILL is SXSW in Austin, then MFF 2010. Don’t forget the kickstarter donation site.

~Jed Dietz, MFF Director

Matt Porterfield’s PUTTY HILL to preview in Berlin!

I’ve had a couple of e mails from Matt Porterfield. His latest group email is from Berlin where his new film, PUTTY HILL, will have its world premier. Pre-screening, it’s already being called one of the “most anticipated” films at Berlin, side by side with new films from Polanski and Scorsese. I blogged earlier about the fundraising night Matt held at the Charles, featuring some footage about the making of, and clips of the film itself. There is still time to donate online.

~Jed Dietz, MFF Director

Just back from Sundance in time to see Matt Porterfield introduce a couple of pieces…

from his new film, PUTTY HILL, before he takes the completed film to Berlin and then to Austin for SXSW, the unique film/music festival, before coming back to Baltimore for the MFF, May 6-9      -Jed

A full house at the Charles Theatre lines up to see a part of  PUTTY HILL and some behind the scenes footage, and to hear MFF Director of Programming Eric Hatch intro the evening.