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DOGTOOTH Nominated for an Academy Award!

Congratulations to MFF 2010’s DOGTOOTH, which against long odds was nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Foreign Language Film! If you missed this edgy Greek thriller at the festival and during its late-Fall theatrical run at The Charles, as of this week you can now catch it on DVD. Here’s a New York Times piece commenting on this year’s foreign-film nominees…

Thoughts on the Oscar Shorts

It was fun seeing this years’ Oscar nominated  Animated Shorts at the Charles Friday night. The program runs about 90 minutes, and there is quite a handful of “highly commended” films.  One of them, THE KINEMATOGRAPH, really captured the audience. A 12 minute film from the Polish studio Platige Image, it was adapted from a comic and tells the story of an inventor in late 19th century England who is obsessed with his dream of inventing a film process.  According to the press kit, the film includes 17,250 frames, 40,000 frames in strips. 5,000 trees with 10,000 leaves and 100,000 polygons each were created in the computers’ memory. Its from Polish filmmaker Tomek Baginski. You can watch the trailer on Youtube.

Another one we  all liked was GRANNY O’GRIMM’S SLEEPING BEAUTY, from Ireland’s Nick Phelan who is part of the animation shop Brown Bag Films in Dublin. Adapted from a comedy sketch developed and performed by Phelan’s friend Kathleen O’Rourke (who voices Granny), it tells the classic Sleeping Beauty fairy tale as twisted through the eyes of a cranky grandmother. You can watch the film on Youtube.

~Jed Dietz, MFF Director

Jed Dietz to host Oscar-Nominated Shorts at The Charles!

I’m really looking forward to hosting the Oscar-nominated Animated Shorts at 5:00pm this evening at the Charles. I saw LOGORAMA at Sundance, and am a big Wallace and Gromit fan. Whether or not you can join us this evening, I hope you can fit these two programs in to your weekend. Here’s Mike Sragow’s piece in today’s Sun.

~Jed Dietz, MFF Director


Continuing a popular tradition, the Charles will offer two programs this weekend of Academy Award nominated Shorts- Animated and Live Action. These are not to be missed because they are hard to find anywhere else, and this will probably be the only chance you’ll get to see them on the big screen.

This represents a particularly diverse range of filmmaking talents, so we hope you can catch both Shorts Programs. Here’s Bret McCabe’s posting from 2/1710 on the City Paper website.

The Maryland Film Festival has a special commitment to Short Films, programming lots of them, and devoting our Opening Night to them (with crucial support from the Baker Fund). Festival Director Jed Dietz will host the Animated Shorts Program that starts at 5:00PM on Friday. There will be a brief intro and some Q&A afterwards. The whole program runs about 90 minutes.

Academy Award Nominated Animator BILL PLYMPTON to Host MFF’s Friday Night Shorts Program at Artscape 2009!

Santa: The Fascist YearsBill Plympton, one of the most widely recognized and respected animators in America, will be hosting the Friday night premiere of the Maryland Film Festival Shorts at the Charles at Artscape 2009.

Starting at 7:00pm at the Charles Theatre, 1711 North Charles Street, the “Cartoons from Hell” collection represents a wide array of animated shorts. Plympton will host the evening and will be selling some dvds of his work. All Shorts Programs at Artscape are FREE!! Additionally, everyone who attends the screening will receive a FREE Bill Plympton drawing!

Nominated for an Oscar for his hilarious short, GUARD DOG, which was featured as part of MFF 2004 Opening Night Shorts Program, Plympton has won numerous awards at film festivals around the world, and has collaborated with artists ranging from Kanye West to Weird Al Yankovic.


Click here to watch Bill Plympton’s music video of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Don’t Download This Song!”

For more info on Bill Plympton: