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Animal Collective / ODDSACLooks like this is the weekend to catch up on movies you want to see, but have put off. Yup, you can wait for dvd, cable, etc.- but why ?  Have you seen DATE NIGHT or GHOST WRITER at the Landmark, or GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATTOO, GREENBERG, or ART OF THE STEAL at the Charles ? Hurry.

Or, keep looking- Matt Porterfield’s no budget “miracle” film (just quoting the New Yorker) , HAMILTON,  is playing in the JHU Film Festival along with some truly iconic films from Renoir and Fellini. A great chance to get ready for Matt’s new film, PUTTY HILL, which will be part of MFF 2010 (after premiering at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, and getting great notices at SXSW).

Danny Perez’ film, ODDSAC, made in close collaboration with the music group Animal Collective, will have one screening at the Senator this weekend and it’s extraordinary. I blogged about it from Sundance (you find it here by typing ODDSAC in the search block) where it left the whats-the-next-big-thing part of the audience scratching their heads. As intended. It’s an amazing fusion of movie and music talent, completely intertwined in a way that nods to rare music/movie partnerships like Eisenstein and Prokofiev, Hitchcock and Herrmann without of course looking anything like their films.

–Jed Dietz, MFF Director