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Dan Deacon to present TOTAL RECALL at MFF!

New flier for musician Dan Deacon’s guest-host presentation of TOTAL RECALL, designed by Baltimore artist Elena Johnston (editor of Paper Kingdom: A Collection of Baltimore Music Posters)!

Ian MacKaye of Fugazi presents NINA SIMONE doc at MFF 2009!!

Nina Simone: La LegendeTwo legendary musicians come together at Maryland Film Festival 2009, when MFF guest host, punk/hardcore pioneer Ian MacKaye, presents the rarely screened French documentary Nina Simone: La Légende. This 1992 film, made for French television, captures soul/jazz/gospel icon Simone at her most impassioned and outspoken, reflecting on her life, career, and beliefs. It also incorporates performance and interview footage from a 1969 film about Simone, when her fearless, eclectic career was arguably at its peak.

It’s an intriguing choice from Dischord Records co-founder MacKaye, whose own work with such world-renowned bands as Minor Threat, Fugazi, and, currently, The Evens, is also known for its impassioned spirit and politically charged themes.We offer this not-to-be-missed event in the tradition of previous MFF musician guest-hosts as Jonathan Richman, Branford Marsalis, Will Oldham, and Henry Rollins — and we can’t wait to hear what MacKaye has to say about Simone and this inspiring documentary.

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Further in advance than any prior year, you can now access the full Maryland Film Festival 2009 schedule online — and start buying tickets!

If you’ve already looked at our line-up, you’ll also notice that we’ve added several titles, including our guest-hosts and John Waters’ 2009 pick!

Announcements are still to come for a few key, high-profile titles and guests — including announcements next week of our full Opening Night program, our Closing Night title, and another exciting title, both from world-renowned filmmakers! — but… Stop reading this! Start buying tickets!

— Eric Hatch, co-programmer, MFF

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