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MFF 2010 R.I.P.

As I do after every MFF, I’ve spent most of the day talking with people about their view of MFF 2010, and that’s always fun and instructive. You should head to the Mike Sragow Gets Reel blog on the Sun website, with MFF notes from Sragow, Kaltenbach and Krotki and lots of great pictures. Just go to and click anyplace MFF is mentioned. Volunteer screening tonight. We open MFF 2011 next May 5.  

–Jed Dietz, MFF Director


The future Filmmakers Tent Village, site of tomorrow’s Filmmakers Taking Charge Conference and free panels through the weekend

As of this morning, we have exceeded all previous records for pre-sales in both categories, tickets and All Access !!

Tent Village construction is underway, and filmmakers are arriving from far and wide, the most exciting time of the year for all of us. LIVERPOOL director Lisandro Alonso has arrived from Buenos Aires, Tanya Hamilton, writer/director of NIGHT CATCHES US called before she left SF this morning where she’s had sold out screenings at the oldest film festival in America, and MOTHER AND CHILD writer/director Rodrigo Garcia is making a special trip in from LA to host his screening Sunday night. Over 70 filmmakers will join us over the weekend.

We’ve always had a special commitment to Short Films, and tonight we’re devoting our Opening Night to seven amazing films. It is a unique and encouraging glimpse of the broad range of creative energy that is drawn to moviemaking. We have 9 other Shorts Programs in MFF 2010.

Keep in touch throughout MFF 2010- Sragow and I join Tom Hall tomorrow on WYPR’s Maryland Morning with Sheila Kast (about 9:30, but you can hear it on their website, too), and there is a lot of blogging going on as MFF 2010 unfolds. Mike Sragow Gets Reel for the Sun has been terrific this week, and will be a good place to check during the weekend. Chris Kaltenbach and Amanda Krotki are already guest blogging.

–Jed Dietz, MFF Director


Because of our screening Thursday at the Charles, I’ve been thinking a lot about this singular movie. It’s like nothing else I’ve seen because of the way it explores artists. It seems straight forward- an untrained hyper enthusiastic fan of graffiti art obsessively films some of the best artists in the world, but he only likes to shoot film, not edit it, so one of the artists, the elusive Banksy, finished the film.  (There are other surprises, but you should experience them while watching the movie.)  Months after it debuted at Sundance, no one can be sure what this is- what exactly is real ? What is art ? Those are of course the key questions Banksy has been forcing everyone to think about for years.

–Jed Dietz, MFF Director

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