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Check out NYT Profile of Alex Ross Perry, director of MFF 2011’s THE COLOR WHEEL

Alex Ross Perry directed “The Color Wheel,” starring himself and Carlen Altman. Photo courtesy of Alex Ross Perry/Cinema Conservancy.

Check out Dennis Lim‘s The New York Times profile of Alex Ross Perry, whose THE COLOR WHEEL (MFF 2011) opens in New York this Friday.

“AT 27 the New York filmmaker Alex Ross Perry already has two features to his name, both notable for their eccentric ambition and estrangement from the larger landscape of American indie cinema — or perhaps their opposition to it. In a field where so many others are conditioned to produce work that is eager to please, Mr. Perry’s films — the oddball war movie “Impolex” (released last year) and the brother-sister psychodrama-comedy “The Color Wheel” (opening at BAMcinématek on Friday) — are determinedly individual and abrasive, even downright unassimilable.”

Click here for full article in The New York Times!

More Berlinale Updates

In today’s NY Times, Dennis Lim surveys the Berlinale, know as the granddaddy of all film festivals. Along with comments about the well known figures like Scorsese, Polanski, Von Trier, and unique events like a screening of the magical new cut of METROPOLIS,  is this comment:

“Among the more adventurous films in the Forum section Yang Rui’s “Crossing the Mountain,” a portrait of a southwestern Chinese village, splits the difference between ethnography and avant-garde fiction. And Matt Porterfield’s “Putty Hill,” set among alienated kids in suburban Baltimore, also subverts its realist aesthetic with formal trickery, encouraging its actors to break the fourth wall. “

For the full article, click here. (All by itself, the picture of METROPOLIS projected outdoors is worth clicking through.)

~Jed Dietz, MFF Director