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Maryland Film Festival and Open Society Institute Present THE HOUSE I LIVE IN on 10/9 with Director Eugene Jarecki, Judge Andre Davis and an introduction by David Simon!

Maryland Film Festival, in collaboration with The Open Society Institute, is thrilled to announce a special screening of Eugene Jarecki‘s  THE HOUSE I LIVE IN with special guests Eugene Jarecki and Judge Andre Davis (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit) on October 9th, 7:00pm, at the Charles Theater.  David Simon, creator of The Wire, will be introducing the film.

Shot in more than twenty states, THE HOUSE I LIVE IN tells the stories of individuals at all levels of America’s War on Drugs.  From the dealer to the narcotics officer, the inmate to the federal judge, the film offers a penetrating look inside America’s criminal justice system, revealing the profound human rights implications of U.S. drug policy.

MFF & Open Society Institute present
THE HOUSE I LIVE IN with special guests Eugene Jarecki and Judge Andre Davis  with an introduction by David Simon
Tuesday, October 9th
The Charles Theater, 1711 N. Charles St.

This screening is free for all; however, priority for seats will be given to current Friends of the Festival. 

Jarecki doesn’t minimize the real damage that drug use inflicts on individuals, families, and communities, but he forcefully concludes that the so-called cure has had far more damaging effects on our society. The film leaves the possibility for change up to us rather than our governmental officials, who regularly have to talk “tough on crime” to win elections. I’d hate to imply that it’s your civic duty to see “The House I Live In” when it’s eventually released to theaters, but guess what — it is.
-Ty Burr, The Boston Globe


Come see why David Simon has called Kubrick’s adaptation of PATHS OF GLORY  “the most important political film of the 20th century… a favorite film [even] before I knew the book.”

For tickets call 410.752.8083

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Book Signing w/ David Simon to Follow Screening of Rare 35mm Print of Kubrick’s Classic

Saturday, September 25, 7:00pm
MICA Brown Center
1301 Mount Royal Avenue

Call 410.752.8083 to order in advance.

Maryland Film Festival is thrilled to announce that on Saturday, September 25, David Simon (creator of HBO’s  acclaimed series “The Wire,” and “Treme”) will host a screening of one of his favorite films, Stanley Kubrick’s 1957 classic film Paths of Glory. This unforgettable anti-war film was adapted from Humphrey Cobb’s 1935 novel Paths of Glory, just reissued by Penguin Classics with a brand-new introduction by Simon; Simon will also sign copies of the book after the film screening.

Loosely based on a true story, Cobb’s chilling story of injustice follows French soldiers during World War I. Forced to attack an impenetrable German position, the casualties are high, and in the aftermath several French troops are put on trial for cowardice, scapegoated by the officers and institutions that sent them into combat. Kubrick’s riveting film adaptation (co-written with legendary hardboiled author Jim Thompson) stars Kirk Douglas, Ralph Meeker, Adolphe Menjou, and cult favorite Timothy Carey.

Paths of Glory – both the film and the novel – were major influences on David Simon in creating and writing “The Wire.” As he told The Baltimore Sun’s Michael Sragow, “When I was writing an institutional dynamic, I was thinking of the guys in Cobb’s book.” Further, Simon has called Kubrick’s adaptation “the most important political film of the 20th century… a favorite film [even] before I knew the book.”

Maryland Film Festival will screen PATHS OF GLORY at MICA’s Brown Center (1301 W. Mount Royal Ave.) at 7pm Saturday, September 25th, with David Simon introducing the film and answering questions from the audience after the screening. Additionally, copies of the new Penguin Classics edition of Humphrey Cobb’s novel (with Simon’s new introduction) will be on sale, alongside Simon’s own works, with Simon available to sign your copies. Tickets will be $10 and can be purchased by calling 410.752.8083.

For more information, read Michael Sragow’s piece on Simon and Paths of Glory (the novel and the film).


It was fun doing the WJZ interviews with Matt Porterfield this morning- WJZ’s Ron Matz is so good at this, and it gave me and Matt a chance to catch up- Matt’s been travelling nonstop as an invited guest at festivals in places like Copenhagen and Buenos Aires since the premier of PUTTY HILL at the great Berlin Film Festival in February. I can’t wait for the screenings here. As Matt takes his place alongside Baltimore’s other great film artists- Levinson, Waters, Simon, all very different but deeply fascinated by specific parts of Baltimore- it’s worth asking: what is it about this city that continues to lure filmmakers to its neighborhoods?  If you go to the WJZ website, click on Morning Edition at the bottom, you can see the interview, or just click on the link:

–Jed Dietz, MFF Director

Weekend viewing tips

We’re in that rough patch for moviegoing-  post-Oscar, pre-Memorial Day, (pre-MFF !!!), but there are some amazing movies to see. THE WHITE RIBBON, a recent Best Foreign Film nominee, and nominee for Best Cinematography, is a visually stunning study of the unacknowledged realities that are often part of small town life.  The fictional German baronial village portrayed in the movie, set just before WWI, seems to be nothing if not stable. From the mysterious opening shot, you can feel the ground shifting under the children and adults in this tiny community, disrupting its Germanic discipline. And, of course, the children will populate the Third Reich. From Austrian Michael Haneke.

THE PROPHET, also fresh off its Best Foreign Film nomination, amazingly finds new ground to explore in the prison/gang/underworld genre. Director and co-writer Jacques Audiard takes us inside one prison outside Paris where civilization divides starkly between gangs, Corsicans or Muslims. We watch a new prisoner who speaks both Arabic and French try to learn the ropes before they entangle him. I liked last year’s much-praised GOMORRAH, but think this is better.

And, don’t miss ALICE in 3D (Melina got to see the Imax presentation; I saw it in Digital 3D at White Marsh),  or the terrific article about David Simon and company in Sunday’s NY Times Magazine. He’s in New Orleans, alas, shooting a new HBO series, TREME.

-Jed Dietz, MFF Director

Only ONE WEEK LEFT to get tickets for our intimate conversation with Barry Levinson, David Simon and John Waters!


Maryland Film Festival Produces: A Conversation with Barry Levinson, David Simon and John Waters!!