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MFF 2010 R.I.P.

As I do after every MFF, I’ve spent most of the day talking with people about their view of MFF 2010, and that’s always fun and instructive. You should head to the Mike Sragow Gets Reel blog on the Sun website, with MFF notes from Sragow, Kaltenbach and Krotki and lots of great pictures. Just go to and click anyplace MFF is mentioned. Volunteer screening tonight. We open MFF 2011 next May 5.  

–Jed Dietz, MFF Director

Just back from Sundance in time to see Matt Porterfield introduce a couple of pieces…

from his new film, PUTTY HILL, before he takes the completed film to Berlin and then to Austin for SXSW, the unique film/music festival, before coming back to Baltimore for the MFF, May 6-9      -Jed

A full house at the Charles Theatre lines up to see a part of  PUTTY HILL and some behind the scenes footage, and to hear MFF Director of Programming Eric Hatch intro the evening.