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Check Out MFF Alum Skizz Cyzyk’s Maryland Film Festival Video for Artscape 2012!

MFF Alum and former Program Manager Skizz Cyzyk has crafted a video for Maryland Film Festival for Artscape 2012.  This video features interviews with MFF Staff members Jed Dietz, Eric Hatch, Scott Braid, and Rahne Alexander on the program Maryland Film Festival has put together for Artscape 2012, including a Friday night screening of GIRL WALK // ALL DAY with special guest Anne Marsen at 7pm at the Charles Theater, and shorts programs on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm at the Charles Theater.  All MFF programming at Artscape is FREE to the public! 

Click here for Maryland Film Festival’s full Artscape 2012 Schedule.

Click here for Skizz Cyzyk‘s video for Maryland Film Festival at Artscape 2012.

Maryland Film Festival Presents GIRL WALK // ALL DAY with Special Guest Anne Marsen at Artscape 2012!

MFF Presents GIRL WALK // ALL DAY with special guest Anne Marsen (above) on Friday, July 20th at the Charles Theater, 7pm.

Maryland Film Festival is pleased to present a special screening of the acclaimed film, GIRL WALK // ALL DAY, directed by Jacob Krupnick, with special guest star Anne Marsen, as our Friday night screening at Artscape 2012.  The film will play Friday night, July 20th, at the Charles Theater at 7pm and is FREE for all!

Synopsis of GIRL WALK // ALL DAY:
GIRL WALK // ALL DAY, the debut feature film from Brooklyn-based director, Jacob Krupnick, is an exuberant 77-minute dance adventure shot entirely in the streets and public spaces of New York City. Dialogue free, the entire film is set to All Day, the most recent album by the mash-up DJ Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis), and follows three improvisational dancers – Anne Marsen (The Girl), Daisuke Omiya (The Gentleman) and John Doyle (The Creep) – as they embark on an urban adventure across NYC over the course of one long day.

GIRL WALK // ALL DAY was named the “Most Innovative Music Video of 2011” by SPIN and is an official selection of the 2012 SXSW Film Festival. The film has received recent press from The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The SF Chronicle, CBS Morning Show, Pitchfork, Wired, Fast Company, The NY Daily News, The Huffington Post and more.

MFF Presents GIRL WALK // ALL DAY July 20th, 7pm, at the Charles Theater!

MFF presents GIRL WALK // ALL DAY with special guest Anne Marsen!
Friday, July 20th
The Charles Theater
1711 N. Charles Street

Maryland Film Festival will also be presenting a selection of shorts programs during Saturday and Sunday of Artscape.  All programs are comprised of titles that played within Maryland Film Festival 2012.  The shorts programs begin each hour, on the hour, and run between 30 and 40 minutes apiece.  Some programs will have one or more filmmaker present to answer questions.  Please note that some programs may contain material not appropriate for all ages. Program content may be subject to last-minute changes. ALL PROGRAMS ARE FREE TO ALL.

SATURDAY July 21st
Noon: Animated Shorts
1 PM:  Comedy Shorts
2 PM: Experimental Shorts
3 PM: Narrative Shorts
4 PM:  Documentary Shorts
5 PM:  Animated Shorts

SUNDAY July 22nd
Noon: Comedy Shorts
1 PM: Experimental Shorts
2 PM: Narrative Shorts
3 PM:  Documentary Shorts
4 PM: Animated Shorts
5 PM:  Comedy Shorts

ANIMATED SHORTS    (31 minutes)
Belly (Julia Pott, 7 minutes)
The Eater (Wally Chung, 3 minutes)
Food for the Worms (Miranda Pfeiffer, 9 minutes)
“Hietsuki Bushi” / Omodaka (Ryo Hirano, 4 minutes)
“The Living Things”/ The Spinto Band (Phil Davis, 3 minutes)
Venus (Tor Fruergaard, 8 minutes)

COMEDY SHORTS   (31 minutes)
Bad Penny (Ricky Camilleri, 7 minutes)
The Centrifuge Brain Project (Till Nowack, 7 minutes)
Happy Father’s Gay (Clay Weiner, 4 minutes)
Pass the Salt, Please (Tatjana Najdanovic, 13 minutes)

Come on Down and Pick Me Up (Jonathan Bougher, Nicholas Corrao, 9 minutes)
The Meaning of Robots (Matt Lenski, 4 minutes)
Necking (Lindsay Lindenbaum, 10 minutes)
Wilbert & Vern (Kenneth Price, 9 minutes)

Brown Centipede Jizzum (Jimmy Joe Roche, 1 minute)
Coversong (Eric Dyer, 2 minutes)
I Am Your Grandma (Jillian Mayer, 1 minute)
Melt (Noemie LaFrance, 10 minutes)
The Observer (Abbey Luck, 5 minutes)
Plural (Dan Inglis, 5 minutes)

NARRATIVE SHORTS   (37 minutes)
Bear (Nash Edgerton, 11 minutes)
Beau (Ari Aster, 6 minutes)
The Chair (Grainger David, 11 minutes)
Spark (Annie Silverstein, 9 minutes)