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The Superkiiids! (stars of LIGHTNING SALAD MOVING PICTURE) to Perform at the Tent Village during MFF 2009!!!

FRIDAY, MAY 8, 7:30pm  Lightning Salad Moving Picture


From The Superkiiids! Website:

We are the Superkiiids! You are the Superkiiids!

We: Employed by an icky-sticky-jazz (a good thing) based philosophy where no two shows are exactly alike, an endless number of i’s between the k and the d (but at least three!) and the notion that the audience is just as much a Superkiiid! as The Superkiiids! themselves, The Superkiiids! have thus created a two-man-hyper-audience-involved-folk-live-entertainment-hyphen-loving-force-of-nature!


“We drew a lot of inspiration from the creative party music coming out of Baltimore with the likes of Dan Deacon, Girl Talk and Future Islands (who contributed some music to the film). We wanted the film to first and foremost be fun and entertaining-the same feeling we got listening to that kind of music.”
— director Kenneth Price (The Third Kiiid!)

The Superkiiids! are two young men who live and play together in an attic, and receive daily directive video messages from “Zemeckis”; this morning, they’re charged with making the movie Back to the Future 4 –with the warning that if they fail, “Zemeckis” is going to give the project to “Hanks.” Setting out on their movie-making mission, but constantly getting side-tracked, they encounter time travel, romance, a colorful cast of characters, and one of the longest slip-n-slide story devices ever committed to cinema.

Click here to view the Tent Village Schedule for MFF 2009!

“MFF 2009’s Foreign Films: A Cheat Sheet” by MFF programmer Eric Allen Hatch

This is your last weekend to plan ahead for MFF 2009, and, as you may’ve already heard, we’ve made a major increase in our foreign-film offerings this year! To help you travel the world through film, here’s a quick primer in the world cinema in our 2009 line-up. Follow the links to see more information, showtimes, and tickets.

Agnès Varda’s Beaches of Agnès (France): the latest work from the legendary “Mother of the French New Wave,” a playful documentary looking back on her work — and life and times with Jacques Demy, Jane Birkin, Jean-Luc Godard, Harrison Ford, Robert DeNiro, Alexander Calder, Gerard Depardieu, and others!

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo (US/Japan): A documentary looking at the fascinating world of Japanese insect collectors, and the rich history Japan has of appreciating these tiniest of creatures. Director Jessica Oreck will be in attendance!

Blind Loves (Slovakia): A “hybrid” documentary made in close collaboration with its subjects, blind couples in love — capturing not just their reality, but also their histories, hopes, and dreams through reenactments, animated adventure sequences, and more!

Daytime Drinking (South Korea): An uproarious, hip comedy about a just-dumped twentysomething who tries to escape his problems by vacationing at a resort during the off-season, only to encounter a new, alcohol-soaked set of problems.

Eat, For This Is My Body (Haiti/France): Eye-popping experimental work shot in Haiti, with surreal nods to such world-cinema masters as Claire Denis, Luis Bunuel, and Marco Ferreri.

Five Miles Out (UK): A sumptuous, artful short from Andrew Haigh, whose feature Greek Pete (see below) is also showing within MFF ’09.

Funny Bones (US/UK): Jerry Lewis and Oliver Platt star in this vaudeville-themed 1995 film, selected by guest-host Laura Lippman.

Garbage Dreams (US/Egypt): This documentary looks at Cairo-based Zaballeen teenagers, whose people for generations have made their living collecting the city’s garbage, using recycyling measures that put Western countries to shame. But now their way of life is threatened by multinational corporations. Director Mai Iskander will be in attendance!

Greek Pete (UK): This fictional, often graphic film draws on the actual life experiences of its cast, men who work within and around the world of London-based gay escorts, or “rentboys.” Director Andrew Haigh will be in attendance!

Hobby (Spain/Japan): This featurette documentary follows a Spanish video-game enthusiast as he takes a pilgrimage to Japan, dipping into the history of Nintendo in the process.

It was great, but I was ready to come home. (US/Costa Rica): Two young American women travel together in Costa Rica, sharing new experiences as they deal with romantic regrets. Director/star Kris Swanberg will be in attendance!

Lake Tahoe (Mexico): A deadpan comedy in the tradition of Jim Jarmusch about a young Mexican man who crashes his car on the outskirts of town, encountering a colorful cast of oddballs who want to do everything except help him fix his car.

Love Songs (France): John Waters’ 2009 pick, a (bi-)sexually charged musical romp from internationally acclaimed director Christophe Honoré and stars Chiara Mastroianni, Louis Garrel, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme. Did we mention it’s hosted by John Waters?

Man With a Movie Camera (USSR): This hypnotic 1929 classic still wows audiences 80 years later with its amazing cinematography and editing. Presented with live original music from Alloy Orchestra!

Munyurangabo (Rwanda): Beautifully shot, this poetic drama looks head-on at the legacy of the Rwandan genocide. Director Lee Isaac Chung will be in attendance!

Nollywood Babylon (Nigeria/Canadian): From the directors of Bombay Calling comes this documentary about the world’s third-largest film industry, Nigeria’s high-octane, straight-to-disc “Nollywood” scene. Directors Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal will be in attendance!

Not Quite Hollywood (Australia): A look back at the decidely un-PC world of “Ozploitation” — ”70s and ’80s Australian cult films that brought the world not just Mad Max, but hundreds of over-the top action, sci-fi, comedy, and exploitation films.

The Paranoids (Argentina): Buenos Aires comes to vibrant life in this indie dark comedy from Argentina about a paranoid young man who suspects his childhood friend has stolen his life story and turned it into a hit sitcom abroad.

Seventh Moon (US/China): From Blair Witch Project’s Eduardo Sánchez comes this riveting ghost story shot in China. Director Eduardo Sánchez will be in attendance!

Somers Town (UK): The new film from Shane Meadows, director of the art-house hit This Is England. This much-gentler film tells the story of two young outcasts who find friendship and mischief on the streets of London — channeling the lighter side of Truffaut”s Jules and Jim in the process.

Treeless Mountain (South Korea): One of the best-reviewed films of 2009, this drama shows us the world through the eyes of children — specifically, two young sisters who have been passed from irresponsible adult to adult, learning in the process to fend for themselves and create their own imaginative reality.

Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love (US/Senegal): A documentary following the titular international pop star as he releases a controversial new album dealing with his Islamic faith.

Advance tickets are recommended for all MFF ’09 titles, foreign or otherwise.

Ian MacKaye of Fugazi presents NINA SIMONE doc at MFF 2009!!

Nina Simone: La LegendeTwo legendary musicians come together at Maryland Film Festival 2009, when MFF guest host, punk/hardcore pioneer Ian MacKaye, presents the rarely screened French documentary Nina Simone: La Légende. This 1992 film, made for French television, captures soul/jazz/gospel icon Simone at her most impassioned and outspoken, reflecting on her life, career, and beliefs. It also incorporates performance and interview footage from a 1969 film about Simone, when her fearless, eclectic career was arguably at its peak.

It’s an intriguing choice from Dischord Records co-founder MacKaye, whose own work with such world-renowned bands as Minor Threat, Fugazi, and, currently, The Evens, is also known for its impassioned spirit and politically charged themes.We offer this not-to-be-missed event in the tradition of previous MFF musician guest-hosts as Jonathan Richman, Branford Marsalis, Will Oldham, and Henry Rollins — and we can’t wait to hear what MacKaye has to say about Simone and this inspiring documentary.

Click here to purchase tickets to NINA SIMONE: LA LEGENDE!

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Further in advance than any prior year, you can now access the full Maryland Film Festival 2009 schedule online — and start buying tickets!

If you’ve already looked at our line-up, you’ll also notice that we’ve added several titles, including our guest-hosts and John Waters’ 2009 pick!

Announcements are still to come for a few key, high-profile titles and guests — including announcements next week of our full Opening Night program, our Closing Night title, and another exciting title, both from world-renowned filmmakers! — but… Stop reading this! Start buying tickets!

— Eric Hatch, co-programmer, MFF

Click here to view our schedule online and start purchasing tickets!

It’s a New Record!

Well, it’s 9pm, and I’ve spent the last 12 hours writing and uploading to our site short descriptions for most of our 2009 line-up — nearly 40 features and 11 shorts programs you can start reading about a full month before MFF’s 2009 Opening Night (which is, in case it’s not engraved in your brain yet, Thursday, May 7). Of the three festivals I’ve worked for MFF now, this is by far the earliest we’ve gotten this much done this far out before the festival — and maybe the earliest this much has been done… well, ever. Obviously, there’s a lot yet to do, but we’re proud to be able to already offer basic information about most of our films — with some exciting announcements still to come.

This line-up is the result of 100s of hours of viewing, evaluating, and discussing, pursuing and being pursued, making very tough choices in the service of a diverse, well-rounded line-up that really does offer “Film For Everyone.” As mentioned in my last entry, there are plenty of foreign films in our line-up: off the top of my head, we have films shot in Mexico, Rwanda, Australia, Haiti, South Korea, Senegal, Costa Rica, Japan, Egypt, Argentina, Slovakia, Spain, Nigeria, France, China, the UK — even the United States! We have documentaries about bug collectors, ’70s exploitation films, African pop stars, urban gardens, strongmen, teenage go-kart champions, visionary artists, imaginary countries, and invisible girlfriends! We have horror, drama, comedy, art cinema, underground film, even a sci-fi/western/musical! We have… well, you get the drift: we have variety.

Please read, enjoy, and keep checking back. We’ll be updating the titles already announced with more detailed information, images, reviews, links, etc. And still to come are announcements of our Opening and Closing Night presentations, and other annual traditions: a vintage 3-D film, a silent film with live accompaniment, multiple Guest Hosts, and, of course, John Waters’ pick!

And now for some sleep…

Eric Hatch, programming administrator, MFF