Coverage of MFF 2013 in Artforum!


2013 was a record-breaking year for Maryland Film Festival, and the media has been watching.  Check out Nick Pinkerton‘s coverage of the 15th annual Maryland Film Festival in Artforum, “Weird and Wonderful:”

“Now in its fifteenth year, the MDFF has distinguished itself as a showcase for American independent films, and a place for those who make them, distribute them, screen them, and write about them to congregate.”

“Baltimore’s fest is as welcoming as its slate is challenging, and its motto, “Film for everyone,” is no put-on. Screenings were almost uniformly well attended by Baltimoreans from all walks of life…”

“[W]hat unites the best of MDFF, from [Eliza] Hittman’s urban-rustic New York to [Matthew] Porterfield’s humid summertime Maryland… It’s a celebration of the personal, the private, the obsessive-the ethos being that for film to be for everyone, it must first be for someone.”

Nick Pinkerton, Artforum

Click here for the complete article “Weird and Wonderful” by Nick Pinkerton on the Artforum blog.

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