MFF 2013 Programmer Tips #4: WHITE REINDEER and WATCHTOWER

In the days leading up to Maryland Film Festival 2013, our programmers would like to direct you to a few titles for your consideration. Up today: Zach Clark’s holiday-themed dark comedy White Reindeer, and Pelin Esmer’s Turkish drama Watchtower.




Many young filmmakers love John Waters, but few find a way to digest Waters’ anarchic humor and unleash it with their own warped sensibility as well as Zach Clark (MFF 2009’s Modern Love Is Automatic). The story of Suzanne, a suburban everywoman whose Christmas dreams are dashed by tragedy and then resurrected by an unlikely new friendship, White Reindeer offers intriguing characters, sharp dialogue, and fresh twists in both narrative and tone. Shot in and around the DC/MD/VA area and starring Anna Margaret Hollyman (also of MFF 2013’s Opening Night short Social Butterfly), White Reindeer is an irreverent yet poignant holiday treat.

You have two chances to see White Reindeer within MFF 2013, with Zach Clark and Anna Margaret Hollyman hosting! Read more:



WATCHTOWER (Pelin Esmer)

Turkish cinema has produced some evocative gems in recent years, such as MFF 2012’s Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. Cut from similar cloth but telling a more intimate story is Pelin Esmer’s brooding, redemptive drama Watchtower. Nihat is an emotionally damaged man who takes a job as a fire warden in a remote, densely forested region of rural Turkey; Seher is a cook at the bus station near the base of the mountain Nihat occupies. Both characters seek solitary lives undisturbed by outsiders, but a strange magnetism forms between the two. Esmer’s characters are superbly drawn, her cinematography lush and immersive, and her setting utterly unique.

You have two chances to see Watchtower within MFF 2013! Read more:

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