MFF 2013 Programmer Tips #2: PIT STOP and HERE COMES THE DEVIL

In the days leading up to Maryland Film Festival 2013, our programmers would like to direct your attention to a few titles for your consideration. Up today, the exquisite, Sundance-premiered drama Pit Stop, and the diabolical Mexican horror film Here Comes the Devil.



PIT STOP (Yen Tan)

Two gay men in small-town Texas—one maintaining the façade of a family life with his ex-wife and daughter, and one spending much of his spare time visiting an ex-lover in the hospital—live parallel lives with overlapping hopes and dreams. Malaysian-born, Austin-based director Yen Tan’s film functions both as a tender and nuanced drama, and as a statement on LGBT acceptance in America that avoids clichés as it humanizes rather than politicizes its concerns. This exquisitely shot drama, which premiered at Sundance 2013, co-stars familiar faces John Merriman (of MFF 2012’s Opening Night short Modern Man) and Amy Seimetz (director of MFF 2012’s Sun Don’t Shine), and boasts a script co-written by David Lowery (host of MFF 2013’s Opening Night; director of the Cannes-bound Ain’t Them Bodies Saints).

You have two chances to see Pit Stop within MFF 2013, with director Yen Tan presenting! Read more here:



HERE COMES THE DEVIL (Adrián García Bogliano)

Some of you have asked for more genre films from Maryland Film Festival, and it’s our pleasure to deliver. Mexico’s Here Comes the Devil offers an artful, crimson-drenched horror vision that channels both Picnic at Hanging Rock and Village of the Damned in the service of something brand new. A family stops at a remote gas station while on a road trip to Tijuana, and two children slip away from their parents to explore a hill. The children return, seemingly shell-shocked—and as they adapt a newly sullen demeanor, their parents begin to suspect something unspeakable may have happened to them during their absence, and set out for answers.

You have two chances to see Here Comes the Devil within MFF 2013! Read more here:

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