MFF 2013 Programmer Tips: DOWNLOADED and IT FELT LIKE LOVE

In the days leading up to Maryland Film Festival 2013, our programmers would like to direct your attention to a few titles for your consideration. Up today, two very different films: Alex Winter’s exciting Napster documentary Downloaded, and Eliza Hittman’s fresh coming-of-age drama It Felt Like Love.



DOWNLOADED (Alex Winter)

A smart, incisive documentary about the rise and fall of Napster, Downloaded gives The Social Network a run for its money in telling a thrilling story about an internet innovation that all too quickly takes on a global life of its own. With remarkable access to Napster creators Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, Downloaded is expertly crafted by director Alex Winter (of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Lost Boys fame, not to mention the co-creator of the cult classic Freaked), who will be here to host our screenings. His Q+As at Hot Docs last week were by all reports phenomenal, and we can’t wait to share Downloaded—both a great film and a great conversation-starter—with our audiences!

You have two chances to see Downloaded within MFF 2013; read more here:



IT FELT LIKE LOVE (Eliza Hittman)

On the outskirts of Brooklyn, a fourteen-year-old girl’s sexual quest takes a dangerous turn when she pursues an older man and tests the boundaries between obsession and love. Eliza Hittman‘s It Felt Like Love, which premiered at Sundance 2013, at times suggests an American counterpart to Catherine Breillat, particularly such films as Fat Girl, 36 Fillette, and A Real Young Girl; it also recalls the impetuous teenaged world of Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank, and the summery haze of Baltimore’s own Hamilton. But while very worthy of these comparisons, It Felt Like Love weaves its own path through a deceptively simple narrative loaded with complex emotional weight. In the process, it signals an exciting new voice in American film.

You have two chances to see It Felt Like Love within MFF 2013; read more here:

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