MFF Presents SUN DON’T SHINE with special guest Kate Lyn Sheil on 4/3!

Sun Don't ShineAmy Seimetzs brilliant psychological thriller SUN DON’T SHINE, a massive hit at Maryland Film Festival 2012, returns to Baltimore for one screening only! Joining us as a special guest will be star Kate Lyn Sheil! Tickets are $7 for the general public, and FREE to current Friends of the Festival, MICA and JHU Students (with ID).   Click here for more information.

Maryland Film Festival presents SUN DON’T SHINE
Wednesday 4/3
MICA Brown Center
1301 W. Mt. Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD
$7/Free for Friends of the Festival, MICA and JHU Students (with ID)!

“[A] wondrously accomplished and furiously expressive drama blending the moody rambles of a road movie with the tightly ratcheted criminal tension of a film noir.”–Richard Brody, The New Yorker

Each year produces a handful of daring films that not only challenge audiences, but also set the independent filmmaking community on fire. A gritty and grimy outsider thriller that exists in a perpetual state of panic, SUN DON’T SHINE emphatically belongs in that exclusive category, a film that needs to be seen and discussed.

MFF audience favorites Kentucker Audley (BAD FEVER) and Kate Lyn Sheil (THE COMEDY and V/H/S) star as a young couple pushed to the brink by extreme circumstances. As they drive through the sweat and murk of Florida, it becomes clear that they’re on the run—perhaps from their own miasma of ever-escalating jealousies and paranoia as much as from a shared terrible secret.

Every aspect of this production is top-notch, from the perpetual-motion-machine performances by Audley and Sheil to the moody and evocative 16mm cinematography. As with the beautifully abrasive provocations that are The Brown Bunny and Frownland, SUN DON’T SHINE seems to spring simultaneously from some ecstatic 1970s cinema wasteland and the present-day vanguard, even as it mounts a winning case for its own timelessness. Recently revived cinema treasures like Zulawski’s POSSESSION and Loden’s WANDA (John Waters’ pick for MFF 2012) are other rare anchors of orientation for this free and unfettered work.

-Eric Allen Hatch, MFF Director of Programming

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