Check out 2012 Maryland Film Festival Coverage in GreenCine Daily

Check out Steve Dollar‘s write up of the 2012 Maryland Film Festival weekend in GreenCine Daily:

2012 Maryland Film Festival outside the Charles Theater. Photo Courtesy of GreeneCine Daily.

“Somewhere around 1 a.m. at the Lithuanian Hall in Baltimore, it hit me. Why shouldn’t this be the place to have a passionate, detailed conversation about independent filmmaking? Film festivals take pride in the range of experiences they can offer guests and patrons, but nothing I’ve experienced quite compares with this backdrop: a packed, sweaty dance floor hopping with enthusiastic groovers, while a DJ plays deep soul classics and Charm City icon John Waters sits in a corner having an intimate chat with a fan. Behind the rectangular bar, burly old guys from the Old Country gruffly dispense $2 bottles of Utenos and Svyturys. I bump into an old friend I haven’t seen in 20 years, and he immediately introduces me to an unalloyed artifact of the city. I don’t understand too much of what he’s trying to tell me, but from his T-shirt I know his name. The garment bears a likeness of his pixelated gaze and wild shocks of white hair framing a bald dome, and underneath his face the legend: Rezzy Ray Has a Posse.”

Click here for the full article in GreenCine Daily!

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