2012 Maryland Film Festival Coverage Media Frenzy this Week!!

Illustration by Alex Fine, courtesy of City Paper.

The upcoming 2012 Maryland Film Festival has been all over the press this week with festival previews on the web, in the papers, on the air waves!

Baltimore magazine just released its 2012 Festival coverage in an a

rticle titled “The MFF: The Most Cinematastic Time of the Year!” with

Max Weiss‘ reviews for 2012 MDFF selections PILGRIM SONG; COME BACK, AFRICA; and VITO! 

Click here to read the full article in Baltimore magazine!

The City Paper‘s guide to the 2012 Maryland Film Fest, “Film Fest Frenzy,” was released online today, and will hit the streets in hardcopy tomorrow!

Here’s a taste of what the City Paper‘s 2012 Festival Guide has to say about our line up:

“The think pieces are flying regarding the future of film. Filmmakers and other cinephiles are shaking their heads about the fate of actual film stock-the digital revolution has finally overtaken 35 mm, bringing with it affordability and versatility and the prospect for easier distribution, but whisking away that almost alchemical magic of capturing light on chemical-coated celluloid and later projecting light through it. Meanwhile, the forces that forever altered the music business in the ’00s are starting to have the same game-changing effects on the movie biz, leaving the old system of blockbusters, wily indies, theatrical distribution, and back-end home-video profits gasping and scrambling to adapt. Depending on which pieces you read, the prognosis isn’t often rosy…”

Click here for the full City Paper article!

Bernadette Wegenstein

This Thursday, Maryland Film Festival Director Jed Dietz will be interviewed by Marty Bass for WJZ’s “Coffee With” program, along with Austrian linguist and filmmaker Bernadette Wegenstein.  Parts of the interview will air on news segments throughout the day, and the full interview will be posted on the “Coffee With” website.

On Friday, Jed Dietz and former Baltimore Sun film critic Michael Sragow will hit the radio waves with their monthly movie mash up on WYPR 88.1 FM’s Maryland Morning.  You won’t want to miss Friday’s show, which will focus on Jed and Michael’s picks for the upcoming 2012 Festival!

Tune in to 88.1FM from 9am to 10am on Friday, May 4th for the insider scoop on industry news, movies, and entertainment, and the must-see movies of the 2012 Maryland Film Festival!  If you miss the show, the podcast will be available on the Maryland Morning website.

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