Andrea Arnold’s WUTHERING HEIGHTS, Baltimore-shot BROOKLYN BROTHERS added for MFF 2012!


Following on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of Todd Solondz’s DARK HORSE as its Closing Night title, and last week’s announcements of its full line-up of 40+ new features and 70+ new shorts from around the world, Maryland Film Festival proudly announces two exciting, late-breaking additions to its 2012 line-up: Andrea Arnold’s WUTHERING HEIGHTS, and Ryan O’Nan’s BROOKLYN BROTHERS BEAT THE BEST.

With RED ROAD and FISH TANK, Andrea Arnold joined the ranks of such esteemed names as Mike Leigh and Ken Loach as a master filmmaker tackling working-class life in contemporary UK culture. With this vivid take on Emily Brontë’s classic novel WUTHERING HEIGHTS, Arnold branches out in her source material while proving that hers is a singular cinematic vision. Far from your average costume drama, this WUTHERING HEIGHTS is an emotionally raw, visually arresting experience, a major new work from one of contemporary film’s most exciting voices.


BROOKLYN BROTHERS BEAT THE BEST offers an indie take on the road-trip/buddy-movie genre, introducing us to two aspiring musicians who build quirky songs on the go. With a spontaneous spirit that recalls films as different as ONCE and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, and a supporting cast that includes Melissa Leo, Andrew McCarthy, and Jason Ritter, BROOKLYN BROTHERS is a winning directorial debut for actor Ryan O’Nan. Large portions of the film were shot in Baltimore, and Maryland Film Festival is proud to bring the film home after a successful run at such festival as TIFF 2011.

Maryland Film Festival 2012 takes place May 3-6 in beautiful downtown Baltimore.

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