Save the Date: RETURN Screening with Writer/Director LIZA JOHNSON on Friday, March 9th!

Writer/Director Liza Johnson joins us for a special screening of her new film, RETURN on 3/9

We are pleased to announce a special screening of Liza Johnson‘s new film, RETURN, on Friday, March 9th at the MICA Brown Center.

Writer/Director Liza Johnson will be present for Q & A after the film.

RETURN went through the Sundance Labs and was supported in script phase with a Maryland Filmmaker’s Fellowship.  It is Johnson’s first feature length film, and received good reviews at its premiere at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival Director’s Fortnight, and was the only American film to be so honored in 2011.

RETURN stars Linda Cardellini (Kelli), Michael Shannon (Mike), John Slattery (Bud), Talia Balsam (Julie), Bonnie Swencionis (Cara Lee), Emma Rayne Lyle (Jackie) and Paul Sparks (Ed).

**We will be announcing ticketing information soon – stay tuned for details!  As always, current Friends of the Festival will have special access.**

“RETURN, starring Linda Cardellini, is a haunting new movie that tweaks and twists the familiar of subject of a soldier’s return from war.”

-John Sanchez, Huffington Post

“In this stratum of Middle American society during wartime and hardship, the movie suggests, life is tough and challenging. You admire these characters for their considerable resilience while understanding that even the best-intentioned people can break under the stress.”

-Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“A low-key drama that articulates the ennui of a returning servicewoman after a tour in the Middle East, Liza Johnson’s RETURN strikes a delicate balance between familial melodrama and suffering vet pic…it features a striking performance by Linda Cardellini, once the most sly and attractive of the awkward high schoolers on Freaks and Geeks, and now a fully mature screen actress making the most of her copious talents.”

-Brandon Harris, Filmmaker Magazine


RETURN Screening with special guest Writer/Director Liza Johnson, Friday, March 9, 7pm at Falvey Hall, MICA Brown Center, 1300 W. Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217.

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