Sundance Update: The Theaters of Sundance

Temporary theater in a gym at Sundance 2012

A local athletic club has allowed Sundance to take over a tennis court for ticket holders waiting for screenings, and a gym that Sundance converts into a 550-seat theater. This picture was taken a few minutes before a late Friday screening of the new documentary QUEEN OF VERSAILLES, which won an award last night.

The Eccles, Sundance's largest Theater.

The largest theater at the Sundance Film Festival is called the Eccles.  It was added to the Park City High School with Sundance support. The Eccles has 1270 seats.

This photo was taken just before a screening of Stephen Frears’ new film, LAY THE FAVORITE, starring Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall. When the film started, the theater was full.


–Jed Dietz, Sunday, 1/29

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  1. 1 Michelle Sandridge January 31, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Hi Jed,

    It was great to meet you just before the screening of “Lay the Favorite” on Saturday! I hope you had as much fun at Sundance this year as we did, and I look forward to attending the MD film festival in May.

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