Barry Levinson to Host a Screening of His New Doc: POLIWOOD!

PoliWoodThis self-described “film essay” begins with a scene from Levinson’s great movie Avalon in which a television is brought into an American home for the first time. A tidal wave of media change was thus set in motion, and life has never been the same. The media has had particular impact on our politics, and last year Levinson set out to explore that impact. He attended both Republican and Democratic conventions last year (never having attended either before), and took his crew to events around this year’s inauguration.

The term “Poliwood” was originally coined by conservatives to attack the perceived influence of liberal artists, so Levinson went to the core of this so-called conspiracy, the Creative Coalition, and recorded conversations with various members as they participated in the political process. This is no polemic; Levinson has no set answers. But this gentle probing from one of America’s great creative talents asks you to join him in considering these questions — and you will be thinking about the issues he raises long after the film ends.

— Jed Dietz, Director

Click here to purchase tickets to Barry Levinson’s POLIWOOD!

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